SFM freelance artist and Twitch streamer | Non-binary/Transgender

About Me

My name's Marshall/Marci, I'm a simple freelance artist using SFM for my art. I'm part of the brony and furry communities wishing to become a variety VTuber at some point.

"Summer Forest Walk"


I have commissions available if you'd like to get some artwork from me. I can do MLP, Animal Crossing or Splatoon artwork, but for MLP, if you want your OC in a poster, you must have a model already made for me to use as I can't make models myself. Animal Crossing and Splatoon are no problem because all the gear/clothing is readily available for me to use for your character of choice, but I'm not that good with posing humanoid bodies, so be warned. Be sure to check my Terms of Service for my do's and don't's and my refund policy.